Teachers' Centre Programme 2016/2017

There is one session per month on Wednesdays.

Date Session
16th November Project work
Our ultimate goal as language teachers is to enable our students to become autonomous. Project work encourages students to develop real world skills such as reading, selecting and presenting information. We will look at some ideas for creative projects to use with students of all ages.
14th December Getting Creative in the Classroom
The internet is full of quotes about making learning memorable, and one of the current buzzwords in teaching is creativity. This session will look at what creativity actually is, and why it should be incorporated into the classroom before looking at ways to do just that!
18th January Adding it up - ADD from recognition to accommodation
ADD (Attention deficit disorder) is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder among children and teenagers today. How can we, as language teachers, respond to these students and what can they bring to the classroom?
15th February The English we Speak or The English we Teach?
English has a long and colourful history which has resulted in a rich and vibrant language that manages to confuse even the most confident language learner with its peculiar and seemingly random pronunciation.
This session will look at how the origins of the English language, along with its spelling system, hold the key to unravelling some of its pronunciation mysteries and ways in which this knowledge can be brought into the classroom without boring your students with a historical etymology lesson.
15th March Pesky prepositions
Do your students get frustrated with prepositions? We will look at different strategies for helping students to focus and fix chunks of language and look at some activities to make these chunks more memorable.
26th April Teachers as Designers: The Learning Design Process
Teaching languages can come with a lot of challenges, and how we deal with these challenges can often make or break a class. This session aims to introduce the principles of learning design before applying them to our own classes and challenges we may currently be facing. Focussing on the Design Inquiry of Learning cycle we will look at the five different stages of the approach: initiate, investigate, inspire & ideate, prototype and evaluate & reflect and how they can be integrated into our teaching to create effective and engaging experiences for our learners.
Come as a teacher with an open mind and a classroom based challenge, leave as a designer with a creative solution!
17th May Listen Carefully
Despite the fact that Portuguese students are exposed to spoken English on a daily basis some of our students will struggle to understand. We will look at different strategies for improving listening comprehension and explore different sources of practice material.

Single sessions: 10,00 €