Coimbra, the most mystical of Portuguese cities, with its air of romance and destiny, rises above the Mondego river, overflowing with history and tradition. Its University, one of the oldest in Europe, founded by King Dinis, has provided generations of students, fortunate enough to have studied there, with an unforgettable experience and transformed the city into one of the country's foremost cultural centres.

It is a young, vibrant, magical city immortalised through its legends and love stories. Simply studying in this ambience is like writing a page of history and taking a Portuguese course, in the city declaimed by Luís de Camões, is a totally unique experience.

Small Group Intensive Courses
(Maximum number of students: 8)

The prime aim of these courses is to improve the student's communicative skiils. In other words, the underlying emphasis in classroom activities is the development of the student's ability to speak and understand spoken Portuguese. For this reason, students are given plenty of opportunities to practice the language they are likely to need outside classroom.

For groups with four or more students:
Courses run three hours per day (15 hours a week).

For groups fewer than four students:
Courses run two hours per day (10 hours a week)

1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
330 € 640 € 920 € 1170 €

Starting dates:
January: 09, 23; February: 06, 27; March: 12; April: 16, 30; May: 14, 28; June: 18; July: 02, 16, 30; September: 10, 24; October: 18, 22; November: 05, 19; December: 03.

Cancellations: If received 30 days before the course is due to start a refund of €100 will be given. After that date the fee will only be refunded under exceptional circumstances.

One-to-one Courses

The aim of these courses is to develop a firm grasp of the structure of Portuguese with an emphasis on spoken forms. Classes cover all aspects of the Portuguese language (oral and written communication, grammar and vocabulary). They are designed to "top up" the knowledge, which a student may already have, and are ideal for students who wish to make progress in a short period of time. The courses can ben individual or in small closed groups of up to 4 students, and can begin on any agreed date.

Hours / series of lessons Fees
20 hours / series of 20 private lessons 1120 €
40 hours / series of 40 private lessons 2000 €
60 hours / series of 60 private lessons 2850 €

Starting dates: Any agreed date.

Price for two students: 10% more to above fees